Florida Football 50 For 50 2011

50 For 50, No. 39: No Nike Pro Combat Jerseys For Florida In 2011


Younger Florida may not love not having futuristic Gators jerseys but the older fans who pack The Swamp won't miss them. In the long run, keeping that moneyed majority happy is a decent idea.

50 For 50, No. 40: Will Muschamp Makes Funny Faces


40 days left until Florida football, y'all. This one's sort of self-explanatory: Will Muschamp makes funny faces. That's via Holly at EDSBS, where there's one more picture of Muschamp making a...

50 For 50, No. 41: In All Kinds Of Weather, Gators Stick Together


The best teams always seem to have some sort of familial structure. Florida's Jon Halapio may have proved that the 2011 Gators have one.

50 For 50, No. 42: John Brantley Could Sort Of Be Brady Quinn Under Charlie Weis


John Brantley is looking to resuscitate his career under Charlie Weis. Could he have the type of success Brady Quinn enjoyed under Weis?

50 For 50, No. 43: Friday Night Lights Still Works For Florida's Recruiting


Florida didn't get a commitment at its Friday Night Lights camp. But that doesn't mean the event wasn't a success.

50 For 50, No. 44: Florida Is The Odds-On Favorite In The SEC East?


South Carolina won the SEC East in 2010. So why is Florida the SEC East favorite entering 2011?

50 For 50, No. 45: Will Muschamp Wants To Create Chaos


Florida coach Will Muschamp wanted to create some chaos as a form of leadership training for his young Gators. Mickey Marotti might be just the guy to do that.

50 For 50, No. 46: Night Games, For Heat's Sake


Making sporting events more tolerable and enjoyable should be one of the focuses of any group involved in sporting events. So it's good that Florida's home games against Florida Atlantic and UAB...

50 For 50, No. 47: Night Games In The Swamp


The latest of our 50 For 50 series is really simple: Night games in The Swamp. Sure, we didn't win that game against South Carolina last year. But Ben Hill Griffin sure looked awesome.

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