Florida Gators Basketball

Thursday Thoughts: Horford, FSU + Title IX, Easley

Catching up with a Thursdaedition of what is usually Tuesday Musings...

Sky's the limit: Walker will return to Florida

Florida's immensely talented big man will be a Gator again in 2014-15.

2014 NCAA Tournament final, Open Thread

Florida's only hope of avoiding a Kentucky national title depends on UConn.

UConn 63, Florida 53: They will live forever

Florida's unbelievable 2014 season ended on Saturday. Its legacy has only just begun.

Florida-UConn, Game Thread: Ls up for our Gators

Florida didn't come this far in the 2014 NCAA Tournament to lose. But the Gators won't be leaving unhappy if they do lose. Such is the nature of a team as tight as this one.


Final Four hype videos do justice to Gators

They're just incredible.

Thursday Takeaways: Football can learn from hoops

It's like Tuesday Musings, except not on Tuesday, and not really musings!

The Gators Glossary: Explaining MF II IV III, more

We have many names and terms for the Gators we love dearly.

There's a new No. 1 in the bracket pool

Are you No. 1?

Wilbekin named third-team All-American

Scottie Wilbekin becomes Florida's first AP All-American since Al Horford and Joakim Noah.


Look what they've won: Florida's record(s) to date

The list of records that Florida's broken and set in 2013-14 is beyond staggering, and rivaled only by lists of the Gators' accomplishments. Here's a partial accounting.


The 50 best images from Florida's Elite Eight win

Florida played its most important game of the season on Saturday, and got its best set of pictures this year.

CAB: Florida's in the Final Four

No, you're not dreaming.

Florida 62, Dayton 52: Finally

The Florida Gators are headed to the Final Four.

Florida v. Dayton, Game Thread: Walking in Memphis

These Florida Gators can either have their highest high or their lowest low in Memphis tonight. I have faith that they'll earn the former.

Cinderella, Goliath, and #WeSmashSlippers

Florida's had some flings with Cinderella before. They haven't all ended well for the Gators.

Previewing Florida-Dayton with Mid-Major Madness

Few folks know Dayton better than Benjamin Miraski of SB Nation's Mid-Major Madness. So we asked him some questions, and he answered them.

Open thread: Ha, non-scary basketball

Let's talk about basketball!


Video: Florida's journey, to "Fix You"

It turns out that setting Florida highlights to a Coldplay ballad is really tear-jerking.

Florida 79, UCLA 68: Can we get much higher?

Once again, Florida needed a run and a savior. Once again, that was Scottie Wilbekin. But the Gators' bench came to play, too, and the team finished off UCLA with a run that propelled them to their fourth straight Elite Eight.

Florida vs. UCLA, Game Thread: Have a little faith

Florida faces a talented, long, and deep UCLA team in the Sweet Sixteen on this Thursday night. But the Gators are good, too.

Sweet Sixteen open thread: Can't fight the fear

Yes, there is a fear factor at play tonight in Memphis.

Power rankings: Florida No. 1, UCLA No. 9

Florida remains No. 1 in SB Nation's power rankings. But UCLA's a top-10 team now.

Report: Donovan signs extension through 2019

Billy Donovan's set to stay on the sideline in Gainesville at least through getting his name on the court.

2014 NCAA Tournament: Florida, the favorite

Florida hasn't been overwhelming so far in the NCAA Tournament. But the Gators haven't needed to be to get to the best spot in the field.

Bracket pool update: We have a front-runner

There's a front-runner in the Alligator Army bracket pool already.

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