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Did Urban leave the cupboard empty?


Sunday Brunch asks the simple question: Did Urban Meyer really leave the Gators and Will Muschamp with an empty cupboard?

Sorry for the missing Theater of Operations posts this week. I was involved in a car crash (I'm...


Sorry for the missing Theater of Operations posts this week. I was involved in a car crash (I'm mostly fine, but the recovery time was a little longer than expected)... so I should be fully operational on Monday. And of course I need a new car now. Sadness.

Kansas Vs. Kentucky, National Championship Gamethread


NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship Gamethread.

Weekend Review: Florida Baseball Wins At College World Series, Patric Young Named USA Basketball Finalist


The Weekend Review: Where everyone knows you're still counting the days until football. Gators ping Texas: Florida's baseball team began its second consecutive College World Series on a high note, r...

Weekend Review: Florida Baseball to College World Series, Outdoor Track Falters


Your Monday morning recap of the weekend in Florida Gators news. 300 words or less, perfect for browsing before heading to the water cooler. Or Twitter. Florida baseball will head back to Omaha:...

Chomping At Bits: Gators Invited To USA Basketball Camp, Odds On Florida Arrests


Two Florida Gators were invited to USA Basketball's U19 camp. And a betting site is offering odds on Florida players being arrested.

Chomping At Bits: Tim Tebow's Daily Show Appearance, SEC Eliminates Basketball Divisions


Tim Tebow showed up on the Daily Show on Thursday night. Jon Stewart called him an a--hole. (He was kidding.)

Chomping At Bits: Will Muschamp at SEC Meetings, Tim Tebow to Appear On The Daily Show


Chomping At Bits likes to move it move it, and is coming to you live from the Tropical Smoothie Cafe on 34th in Gainesville. (It had a coupon.) Muschamp at SEC meetings: Florida football coach Will...

Chomping At Bits: Urban Meyer To Ohio State Rumors, Tim Tebow's Book Released


Chomping At Bits is back to stay. It is coming to you at 9:30 a.m. Eastern or earlier most days, unless the publishing system has a hiccup. Set phasers to love me. The "Ohio State + Urban Meyer"...

Chomping At Bits: Details On Mike Blakely's Transfer, Norm Roberts, Matt McCall


Chomping At Bits meant to leave home around 1 p.m. yesterday. It got into Gainesville at about 7:40. The drive is about three hours long. You do the math. Blakely's transfer plans: The Alligator's...

Chomping at Bits: Will Muschamp's Contract Details, Reche Caldwell Arrested, Recruiting Chris Walker


Chomping at Bits is mega-sized today, and is heading home for the weekend. Whee! More Muschamp contract details: I still haven't seen Will Muschamp's contract, so I may have to work on that, but...

Chomping at Bits: Chandler Parsons' NBA Draft Prep, Billy Donovan's Charity, Alabama Tornado Relief


Chomping at Bits has only the slightest cough right now. Yay! CP turns page: Chandler Parsons went from being the gawky freshman I made fun of to the senior leader of an Elite Eight team, and now...

Chomping at Bits: On Florida and Marijuana, Alex Tyus, and Jeremy Foley


Chomping at Bits is recovering from an upper respiratory infection, maybe the second in two weeks, thanks to liberal use of cough drops and all manner of ibuprofen. Puff, puff: The Gainesville Sun'...

Chomping At Bits: NFL Draft Edition And Weekend Update


Chomping At Bits: NFL Draft Edition And Weekend Update

Chomping At Bits: Erving Walker's Softball Swing, Florida's NFL Draft History


Contributors-to-be: Be ready to get a ton of emails tonight. Erving Walker can't hack softball: Our friends over at Bourbon Meyer (side note: I'm still jealous I didn't think of that name) went to...

Florida Gators Weekend Preview: Tennis Vying for SEC, Baseball and Softball In Action


Chomping At Bits: Florida Gators Weekend Preview Edition

Chomping At Bits: 4/18 Weekend Recap


It was business as usual for the Florida Gators this past weekend. The Florida Men's Golf team captured the 200th SEC Championship for the University on Sunday. Andres Echavarria took home some...

Chomping At Bits: Florida Gators News For April 14th, 2011


New title, feature still occasional. Yes on idea, no on title? Vice versa? The comments are yours. As mentioned and previewed Wednesday, the Florida lacrosse team plays Northwestern tonight in the...

State of Gator Nation: April 12th, 2011


I think we're going to do a roundup of Gators news that doesn't merit a full post close to daily. Please, give me suggestions on the name, format, etc. in the comments or by email. Former Gator D...

The University of Florida is the balls and don't you forget it


The University of Florida plans to host the final televised gubernatorial debate Oct. 26 on the Gainesville campus.

Alligator Army Off Topic: George Washington


George Washington was ahead of his time and was 6-foot-8 and weighed a fucking ton. If you don't like George Washington, you are not a real American.

Happy Thanksgiving


We are thankful for...

Alligator Army Notebook


Percy Harvin ran a 4.41 forty at the NFL Combine, sixth best among wide receivers.

I'm Sorry


An email I got yesterday... Has the blog ceased? The last post I can see is dated October 13, 2008. No kids, I have been really busy at work and will be until Nov. 4 (that should give you a...

Hug Your Local Firefighter Today


Regular programming resumes Friday

TitleTown: Vote Early, Vote Often


With ESPN's TitleTown down to its final days, it's important to note that you can vote as much as you want. When you vote, press F5 or refresh the page and it all resets. (And let the record show I...

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