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Rage Against FSU and The State Legislature

The following is aimed at FSU and a State Legislature running out of money but willing to spend it in random places. I really don't like talking politics, but in this case, I don't care. The fate...

Alligator Army Notebook: February 11th

If you look at the picture in this article as well as the cropped version here, you might see something odd on Nick Calathes' neck. I didn't notice it during the game, but two of my friends...

Carl Monday Is Needed In Gainesville

Our man Timmy C. put this on The Sporting Orange but we had to put it on here too.We all remember where we were the first time we heard about Carl Monday. I was in my apartment in Gainesville when...

The Alligator Army Endorsements: Florida Primary Election

It does not matter if you are Democrat or Republican, Conservative or Liberal, American politics is a beautiful thing. Since I have a blog and a political science degree, I might as well talk...

Alligator Army Notebook: January 24th

The most impressive thing about the Gators 73-71 win over South Carolina wasn't the way the Gators kept coming off the mat throwing punches. It was Marreese Speights' twenty-two and thirteen...

The Future

Today we introduce an occasional series about the future of Gator athletics. You would think that the Gators are comfortably successful. But we can't be comfortable. In the future, more teams will...

Alligator Army Notebook: January 17th

I've decided to not watch the first half of Gator games this season. Last night in Oxford, UF shot 40% in the first half and 51% in the second half. Plus, they should have won the game because...

Let's Get It On With The Alligator Haters

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. At least that's what King Henry IV said. Worried about keeping his son away from the throne, Henry knew the burdens that come with being a leader. In the...

Alligator Army Ramblings

Live, finally, from Boston.It is 28 degrees in Boston right now. But not to worry, it's about to warm up. Wednesday's high will be 34.Anyway, to those of you who kept with Alligator Army during our...

Another Gator Championship

Football and basketball may have no shot, and soccer was recently eliminated, but UF did win something this month. The votes are in and the fans have spoken: ESPN's Erin Andrews is Playboy.com's...

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