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The evil is gone: Steve Addazio reportedly hired by Temple

Performing a public service that will not be forgotten by Gators fans, Temple will hire Steve Addazio as head coach.

The Future, Gators?

It's time to stop dwelling on this craptacular season. John Brantley was bad, Mike Pouncey can't play center, Steve Addazio is an idiot and Urban Meyer took the year off. It's over. Move on.

For his own sake, John Brantley should transfer

College is not about getting a degree or spending four years in one spot to go to another spot. It is about preparing for a professional career in your chosen field. It is with that in mind that we suggest John Brantley transfer for his final year of eligibility.

Florida Gators Sunday Notes

We've used Urban Warfare, Urban Renewal, and now Urban Decay.

Game 12: We lose

There are a lot of tragedies in life and losing to Florida State is not one of them. A tragedy would be attending Florida State, not losing a football game.

Devil's Advocate: You can't fire Steve Addazio

Urban Meyer had to announce this week he is coming back next season. We don't know if that means he will still check out for an extended period of time or let his lieutenants run the ship, but physically, he will be back. That means Steve Addazio is coming back too.

Who gets the blame; the players or coaches?

Florida's problems clearly go both ways, but to me, the failures of the coaching staff are far beyond what the players have done. But what do you think?

John Brantley is your quarterback. Jordan Reed and Trey Burton are your alternate quarterbacks.

Either because of Brantley or Urban Meyer or Steve Addazio or Scot Loeffler, No. 12 is continuing to make the same mistakes in each game.

Welcome to Georgia week?

The question mark isn't a mistake. For the first time since Ron Zook lost to Mississippi State and was promptly fired but retained for the remaining games, Gator fans are not looking forward to the Georgia game.

Florida Gators Sunday Notes

Benching Brantley is an intellectually lazy argument. Not only are you assuming that Brantley is a major problem, but that the alternative is better.

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