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NFL Lockout Coming to an End


I could've gone all season without the NFL as long as I have college football to watch. It's not formally over yet until the players take a vote on the deal, but the news is getting me excited to finally see Tim Tebow in his second season. Keep up with all the latest lockout fallout at SBNation.com's StoryStream. Also, if you hurry, you can catch Will Muschamp battle Gene Chizik on ESPN's First Take.

Tebow lied to hide concussion symptoms?


Tim Tebow's warrior ethos takes a hit: Tebow lied to conceal a concussion-related headache before the 2009 LSU game.

Tebow's Encore


More analysis of Tebow's throws from last week's game against the Texans, Gators fans. Tebow is turning me into a Gators fan yet! Tebow's Encore

Vote Tim Tebow for NFL Rookie of the Week


Wouldn't it be nice to have a break from the Meyer/Addazio/offensive malaise news cycle, and take some time to vote Timmy for NFL Rookie of the Week? Saw the link at Mile High Report.

Tim Tebow’s dedication to fans moving from the Swamp to the Rockies


Article and videos displaying Tim Tebow’s tireless dedication to fans. Whatever happens on the field, Broncos fans are getting a player defined by passion for those around him. He will be missed in Gainesville.

Tim Tebow Sets A New Record Already!


You should'nt be suprised about this news. The Broncos gained a ton of new fans now that they have the All Mighty Tim Tebow. He wasnt even the Broncos number 1 pick, so its clear Gator fans don't mess around when it comes to our #15. Those jerseys do look pretty awesome though...

Tim Tebow Interview/Gator Pro Day Clips.


Tim Tebow speaks to the press following NFL Pro Day at The Swamp. Also shows a few clips of his new throwing motion. Not sure whats not to like about it? Especially the people claiming he was throwing wounded ducks. Probably one of the best interviews I have ever seen Tebow give. He was quick on his feet, funny, and sounded very confident.


Tim Tebow At The Combine

  As I predicted Tim Tebow was very impressive at the NFL combine Sunday. As a QB he was one of the top performers in all categories. According to ESPN, Las Vegas made Tebow's 40 yard dash a...

Davey O'Brien Award - Vote for Timmy Tebow!


It's that time of year again! Fan voting is open for the Davey O'Brien Award. Florida's Timmy Tebow was last year's recipient and I know all Gator fans would like to see the trophy stay with our...

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