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Coming to a mall near you; Tim Tebow in his underwear


How's that for a headline, uh? But, it is no joke because Tim Tebow is a new spokesman for Jockey underwear. Look at this solid sell from our boy.

Tim Tebow is your EA Sports "NCAA Football 11" cover boy


Always assumed, but now confirmed, Tim Tebow will be in your XBox, PS3 and Sega Genesis this fall as the "NCAA Football 11" cover player.

Tim Tebow Inc. Now Sponsored By Nike


ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that Tim Tebow signed a $300,000 deal with Nike, with incentives.

Happy April Fools' Day: Pick The Most Foolish Gator


April Fools' Day is a day for those who have a sense of humor. If you don't have a sense of humor, I suggest you leave now before you're offended by this post.

Alligator Army Off Topic: The Gator Nation In Harlem


Some of you might have seen this already, but via @UFAlumni is kids in Harlem using Tim Tebow and the Gators as inspiration. This is the coolest thing you will see all day.

Tim Tebow's Father Prayed For A Preacher And Got A 1st Round Draft Pick?


The closer we get to the NFL Draft, the more likely it seems Tim Tebow will be drafted in the first or second round. Today's story is straight from Bob Tebow, Tim's father.

Our Final Word On Urban Meyer And His Support Of The Freedom Of The Press


Work stuff this morning means we are late in posting this video of Urban Meyer confronting Orlando Sentinel writer Jeremy Fowler. However, if you haven't seen it, it is as awesome/hilarious as you...

Tim Tebow Enters "SHUT THE F-UP"Gate


You know how everyone got a kick out of an unnamed NFL prospect telling Tim Tebow to, "Shut the f-up," prior to Wonderlic testing? Now, Tebow is putting himself out there by saying it never happened.

Tim Tebow Inc.


Tim Tebow's appeal has always been that he is a hard working kid, who loves Jesus, his Mom and Dad and the Gators.

Devil's Advocate: Don't Build Statues For Florida's Heisman Winners


We return to playing Devil's Advocate by taking a position opposite most of our readership.

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