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The Status of DeShawn Wynn

In the 3rd quarter of yesterday's game, Gators running back DeShawn Wynn went down to the ground injured following a pretty good 1st down run.  This is disappointing obviously because DeShawn is a favorite among UF fans.  Here is what has been said about the Wynn injury:

Florida running back DeShawn Wynn twisted his right knee during the second half of Saturday's 28-13 victory over Alabama, ending his bid for a third consecutive 100-yard game.

Wynn was injured early in the third quarter after making a nice cut and gaining 15 yards to midfield, where he was tackled by Alabama's Jeremy Clark. The senior's status for next week's crucial Southeastern Conference game against No. 9 LSU is uncertain.


Of course this is not a good thing to lose a starting running back.  However, I'm not going to go out and say that this is a crucial loss on offense.  The Gators have a great group of guys in the backfield, and I think that a combination of these guys, if used the right way, can make up for this loss.  I'm not putting down DeShawn's ability in the backfield or praising his injury at all, I'm just saying that I think the Gators can still be fine without him.

Kestahn Moore came in for the most part to fill the spot, and Brandon James got some snaps and touches as well.  These are very good running backs that can fill the gap, and I even think that Mon Williams could get some touches as well.  And where is Marcus Manson in all of this?

We are a very deep team on offense.  However, I hope DeShawn recovers quickly and gets back into the action ASAP.  I think he deserves it for the time and sweat he's put into this program.