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Bye Week Ramblings

The first weekend of the football season I have been able to just sit at home and watch football all day...along with the WS game 1 tonight.  I love Gator football, but love lounging around on Saturdays and watching other games as well.  College football is just such an awesome sport.

Anyways, here's some of the things I observed today:

  • First of all, I watched every second of the Texas - Nebraska matchup.  I hadn't seen Texas too much this season other than the Ohio State matchup, a game in which the 'Horns didn't look too sharp.  I must say that today I was very impressed by freshman quarterback Colt McCoy.  He looked very calm in what was his first game in a hostile away environment.  He hit guys he was supposed to hit and did a very good job of avoiding pressure for the most part and not making too many mistakes in this game.  The Longhorns seem to be set at QB for quite a while.  And on that note, Jevon Snead should may want to get used to the bench.

    Nebraska is definitely on the upswing.  Although at some points it seems that the West Coast offense brought to the program looks very complicated to run for any college players, the 'Huskers are a couple steps away from being nationally relevant once again.  I think that this is good for college football.

    I thought that once Nebraska scored the go ahead TD and the snow started to fall, it was all over for Texas.  However, that's why they play the games.  Very good football game.

  • FSU lost another ACC game at home.  Unbelievable.  The offensive line for the Seminoles either is doing an awful job, or Drew Weatherford is making them look bad.  Nothing looks very smooth out there, and none of the offensive players get into a groove.  Of course that could be terrible offensive coaching, which I think plays a huge part, but they need to do something quick to avoid a continuing fade.  

    The black jerseys sucked, by the way.  I hope it's only a one time thing (I'm pretty sure it is).  Although I really don't like FSU, I'm a big fan of their home jerseys - Garnet tops, Gold pants.

  • Tennessee found a way to capitalize on their opportunities near the end of the game to beat the Tide.  I was strongly hoping for a Vols loss for obvious SEC East reasons, but Tennessee had a hold on that game for the most part and I'm surprised it was as close as it was.  Several trips into 'Bama territory, only to come up empty on a majority of the occassions.  Eventually they would pull through and put the Tide away.  Eric Ainge was not very good today, and Swain was a little banged up.  They're a dangerous team that just had a close call today.

    Florida controls it's own destiny.  They need to win out to avoid giving Tennessee any kind of chance at the East championship.

  • Clemson is wearing Orange tops and purple britches.  Yikes.
One last thing...Tigers in 5 games.