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Wasn't Aware of This...

This is from today's "Monday Awards" at SI on Campus:

Tattle Tale of the Week

Florida: We have no concrete evidence that the Gators tattled on Auburn, but we do know that an SEC team lodged a complaint with conference officials about the Tigers playing loud music between plays. The SEC says the music violates a rule against "institutionally-controlled computerized sound systems."

Auburn played clips of the Survivor's Eye of the Tiger and Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train to fire up the team, particularly during the Florida game. The SEC rule states: "The use of institutionally-controlled computerized sound systems, including music, and institutionally-controlled artificial noisemakers shall be restricted to pre-game, halftime, post-game, after a score, and team or media timeouts."

I was at Jordan-Hare that day and this was very prevalent, especially in the 2nd half of the game. I was not aware of this rule, but really felt that these little music bites weren't too much of a factor in this game.  The crowd noise was nearly as loud as the music was and sometimes even overshadowed it.

It is, however, against the rules.  Will the SEC do something?  Probably.  Should they? Probably. Even though the NCAA can't stop future progression, I do feel we should keep college games more like college games as opposed to the NFL style of entertainment.  That's what makes the college game so special.

Anyways, no big deal.  Move on.  If UF wins, this isn't a story.

By the way, also check out the "quotes of the week" on that story...two quotes are featured from SB Nation blogs - Corn Nation and Bruins Nation.  Good job guys!