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Quotes From Basketball Media Day

Hat tip to SEC Sports for these Media Day quotes.

Head Coach Billy Donovan

"We all as coaches are searching for that. We know what we are looking for when we are recruiting. We are looking for the talent, but also for the intangibles. Such things like being competitive, tough, unselfish, smart, and being able to sacrifice for each other. You have to have a bunch of guys that want to be coached, listen. Some things work out that way sometimes. We can't see the intangibles when we are recruiting. We just try to sit down with them and talk to them and see if they are there."

"They look to it as a challenge. On one hand, we are hearing that we are ranked high, the defending champion, and even the No. 1 team. And then the other side is asking if they are going to stay hungry, or just complacent. The team is dealing with the expectations side and the human element of being hungry. I think they are excited about all the challenges to come."

"Kentucky has the ability to be special, great even. They have a great core of guys on the team coming back. They have great guards that bring a competitive level and size to the game. Kentucky is, in somewhat respect, flying under the radar this year. They have a chance to be the best team in the league."

Al Horford
"Every game is going to be a war. Our opponents better bring their best because we are going to bring our best every game."

Lee Humphrey
"We have a lot to prove. It is a new year. Last year and the championship are over. It is going to be tough every game but we have a lot of guys coming back. We have a chance to make another run."

"Our defense is an area that we can improve. Coach told us about errors we made last year in the Final Four and it showed us that good defense is big for championship games."