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The Florida/Georgia Game - Open Discussion

Pretty good day for college football overall, even though our eyes will more than likely be focused primarily on Jacksonville and the Game formerly known as the Cocktail Party.  Georgia is not performing up to expectations and the Gators come in semi-heavily favored.

The Gators had two weeks to prepare for this game following the second-half meltdown at Auburn.  They win this game, they are in prime position to take the SEC East with two games remaining in-conference.  Georgia will attempt to be the spoiler of the day and knock the Gators back in their hunt for an SEC title appearance.

The Georgia defense looks to re-capture some sort of early-season dominance, following a game in which they surrendered 51 points to Tennessee.  Following that embarassment they suffered a loss to Vanderbilt.  They'll be hungry and more than ready to knock off the hated Gators.  I'm not expecting anything but a close, hard-fought game.

There are some other very good games today as well:

Miami-Ga Tech
Tennessee-South Carolina (Gooooo Spurrier, Go Gamecocks)

The real game of the day is at 3:30 on CBS, from Jacksonville.  GO GATORS!