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Yeah, the BCS

We got jumped by USC in the new BCS rankings that came out today.

The computers had USC ahead of us, which is probably why the Trojans are now in the #3 spot. Plus they whacked Oregon 35-10 yesterday while the Gators struggled with South Carolina. HOWEVER, I'm not taking anything away from the Gamecocks with that statement, because I think that they would have a great chance to beat Oregon.

I guess we have to hope for a Cal or Notre Dame win over the Trojans, even though the Irish are currently on our tails:

Team         Avg
Ohio St     .9765
Michigan    .9735
USC         .8699
Florida     .8495
Notre Dame  .8193
Rutgers     .7866
Arkansas    .7567
West Va     .6575
Wisconsin   .6428
Louisville  .6408

I guess as my duty as a "good fan," I need to complain that the Gators were jumped in the BCS.  Well, I'm not going to.  We have some issues that need to be dealt with, but until we lose I can't really complain too much.

We just have to win out.  That's all that can be done.  If we do we'll have wins over Tennessee, LSU and Arkansas.  That's tough to argue with.  Until then, though, I'm going to continue to look past the little things that the BCS brings to the table.