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Emmitt is the Man

Member of the UF Football Ring of Honor and proud UF graduate, NFL all-time leading rusher and now even more accolades for the former Gator RB:  DANCING WITH THE STARS CHAMP!!!

Emmitt Smith, three-time Super Bowl champion, was named the winner of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" Wednesday night. The NFL's all-time leading rusher beat out actor Mario Lopez.

The hunky, dimpled Lopez was generally regarded as the series most dynamic celebrity dancer, but the public's vote, the deciding factor after the contestants had tied in the judges' tally at Tuesday's final dance-off, brought Smith the victory.

"It is awesome! It is awesome!" declared Smith, after hugging his professional dance partner, Cheryl Burke. "We came a long way, we really have."

YEAH BABY!!!  Mario Lopez is Gatorbait.

Anyways, congrats to #22, I guess.  It would have been awesome if he could have worn one of those orange jersey tops while dancing.  Now that would have been cool.