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Florida 70 Northwood 41

In case you didn't notice, the Gators basketball team took on the Northwood Seahawks in an exhibition game tonight in the O-Dome.  This game was the first of two exhibition games (the other one coming against Barry University on Sunday).

Anyways, tonight's final score was 70-41 in favor of the Gators, with several new (and old) faces making appearances in the game. The Gators, as expected, dominated in the paint, outscoring the Seahawks 42-14 in that category.

Here are some leaders from the game tonight (Box Score):

Points - Horford 11
Rebounds - Speights 8
Blocks - Horford/Speights/Noah 2
Assists - Green/Horford 4
Steals - Hodge 3

A couple quick notes:

  • Chris Richard started, while Noah came off the bench.  Apparently this was due to the fact that Richard is a senior.  This could be occurring in the first couple of games, but I fully expect to see Joakim Noah starting this season.
  • Corey Brewer hobbled off the court with a bum ankle a little after midway through the first half.  Everything turned out to be alright though, as he ended up coming back into the game late in the first.  All you can hope for in these exhibition games is for there to be no injuries, so the Gators may have dodged a bullet there.
  • Lots of new faces tonight:  Dan Werner, Jonathan Mitchell, Marreese Speights and Brandon Powell.  I did not get a good enough look at any of these guys to make any kind of critique on how they played, so I will wait to hold any kind of judgement until the real games start.
  • The student section was extremely full tonight. Good to see the students were pretty fired up for the beginning of the season, despite the fact that the Gators were taking on an NAIA opponent.