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Basketball Starts Tonight...

Well, sorta, at least.

The Gators will face off against the Northwood University Seahawks at 7 pm in the O-Dome tonight.  This will be the first of two exhibition games the Gators play before starting the season against Samford on November 10th (the night before the South Carolina football game).

I will be attending this game, and may even try to stay until the end.  Usually these exhibition games are hard to stomach, even to some of the best Gator fans (which is a category I put myself in with a false sense of confidence).  Anyways, I expect the students to actually be fired up tonight because of that little thing called a national title we won last year.

Let's just hope that no one gets injured and all the Gators hoopsters get a shot to score some points and get some real game experience tonight.