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Official Discussion: MBB vs. #12 Kansas

Are you ready for some (competitive) basketball?

The #1 Gators will face off against the #12 Kansas Jayhawks (4-1) in the Las Vegas Invitational tonight at 11 pm.  The Jayhawks are coming off a win over Ball State, while the Gators beat up on the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers last night.  They looked tough, athletic and poised last night, showing no signs of big-headedness following last season's NCAA run and an overall 17 game win streak.

The Gators are 6-0, basically blowing by several very bad opponents this season. They have posted wins against Samford, North Florida, UT-Chattanooga, Jacksonville, Prairie View and Western Kentucky.  A face-off against a top 25 team will be a breath of fresh air as opposed to watching the Gators coast to victory quite easily.

I can't wait to see how they come out tonight.  It could be a nice win to beat a pretty good squad on a neutral court, and if they lose, maybe it will bring them down from this ridiculous high they are on. Obviously I want them to win, but I'm just sayin'...

I'm going to be online the whole time during the game and will more than likely be posting my stream of consciousness throughout it in the comments section of this thread.  Please feel free to comment on the Gators as they hopefully dismantle the Jayhawks.

Tomorrow I will have my thoughts overall on the win over FSU, and perhaps be discussing any shot at the BCS title game after what looks to be a very impressive performance out of USC tonight.