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Larry Coker Has Been Fired

As was expected, the Miami Hurricanes administration has fired Larry Coker.

The Hurricanes had an extremely tough season with the loss of Brian Pata and an enormous amount of injuries, leading to a 6-6 record.  Coker ended up getting the axe because of what seemed like a constant downfall from year to year for the Canes program, something that will not be tolerated in Miami.

Now the search for a coach begins...will it be Schiano?  Rodriguez?  SPURRIER?  Who knows.  It takes a certain type of coach to be the guy at Miami, because it has always seemed like a "pro job" to me, as opposed to a college coaching gig.

Anyways, Coker is a class act and took his firing very well (on the outside, at least). As much as I dislike "Da U," I could find no reason to not like Larry Coker.