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This Isn't Good

Corey Brewer has mono:

A blood test revealed Tuesday morning that the high fever that hampered Gators forward Corey Brewer this past weekend in Las Vegas was a symptom of mononucleosis. The viral infection will keep Brewer out at least two weeks and possibly until January. So even though the Gators blasted Southern, 83-27, Tuesday, an ailing Billy Donovan sounded concerned he might be in the middle of an epidemic.

"I'm worried about [forward] Joakim [Noah] right now, to be honest with you," the Gators' coach said. "He's got to go in for bloodwork [today]. He's got kind of the same symptoms I have.

Quite possibly terrible news, especially if Joakim has to miss a chunk of time because of it as well. As of right now it's not harming the team too much only because of the competition they are playing, but when the time comes to take on Ohio State and the beginning of the SEC schedule, we need these guys in full health.

While sickness is never a positive, the Gators are getting their younger guys a lot of experience right now on the court, so I guess that's not a bad thing. Walter Hodge started on Tuesday in place of Brewer, and it is more than likely he will get a lot of PT in his place.