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Gator Tidbits

Have a nice Friday! Good luck in Nashville tomorrow Gators!

Remember the Eraste Autin case from several years ago?  Well, that case was settled recently, as reported by Andy Staples.  The terms and amount of the settlement have not been discussed, which is perfectly fine.  It's an extremely private issue and I hope that this situation never occurs again.

Is a sports psychologist trying to help get Chris Hetland out of his slump?  The answer is yes, according to this Gainesville Sun article.  Chris Hetland has made 1 field goal all season, missing 6.  In the end it has not hurt the Gators on the scoreboard drastically, but it is definitely a problem.  You have to have some sort of serviceable kicking game to be a good football team.

The mystery that is Gators RB Markus Manson has some sort of definitive answer (same link as above):

"Fall is not the time for tryout camp," Meyer said. "He didn't have a great spring. At Florida, in spring practice you earn a position and in training camp you solidify it and go. If you're not there, you don't earn it during the season.

Sounds like poor Markus is in the doghouse.  I felt that Manson was our best back last year overall...I guess Urban Meyer thinks differently.  Maybe Urban knows more about football than me?  Naw, can't be right.

Percy Harvin is still not at 100% due to the sore ankle he sprained during the Tennessee game in the third week season.  I questioned playing Percy against Kentucky on that ankle, but in the end I do not think that he would be at 100% either way.  Those high sprains take a long time to heal.