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Florida 25 Vanderbilt 19

Whew.  The Commodores kept it close once again, scoring a late 4th quarter touchdown to make it a one score game.  Luckily the Gators recovered the onsides kick following it.

Just another in the string of close wins over Vandy.  The fact that the Commodores really do have a history of playing well against Florida combined with the fact that they aren't that bad of a team this year (realistically), this was something to be semi-expected.

I'm hoping to post more on this game a little tomorrow morning, along with some comments from other games around the country (which hopefully includes an LSU win over the Vols).

Until then, Go LSU.

Update [2006-11-4 16:30:12 by GatorsFan83]:Oh yeah, and the Gators DT Marcus Thomas was excused from the team today. I guess that will be looked into as well.