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The Gators Will Face Barry University Today

At 3:30 pm the Gators will face Barry University in their second exhibition game to start off this season.  This game will be preceded by a Women's exhibition game against the "Premier Players," whoever they may be.

I'm going to head up to the O-Dome and take a look at both of these games.  Hopefully the men come out a little sharper tonight than they did in game 1 against Northwood.  The 3 point shooting was not very good and the Gators did not establish a pretty good hold on the perimeter at all.  

I don't believe there has been any word on whether or not Joakim Noah will start this game.

Anyways, later today expect this content:

  • A breakdown of yesterday's 25-19 win over Vandy.
  • A look at some of the other games that took place yesterday.
  • A celebration of the SEC East title.
  • Discussion about everybody's favorite DT, Marcus Thomas.
Stay tuned.