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The New BCS Standings Are Out

Here are the latest BCS rankings...

Team         Avg
Ohio St     .9865
Michigan    .9706
Louisville  .8907
Florida     .8017
Texas       .7998
Auburn      .7814
USC         .7449
Cal         .7330
Irish       .7316
West Va     .5742

On that note, here are some remaining schedules for some of the more notable teams:

Team           Rem Sched
Ohio State     @ NW, Michigan
Michigan       @ Indiana, @ OSU
Louisville     @ Rutgers, SFla, @ Pitt, UConn
Texas          @ KSU, TAMU
Auburn         UGA, @ Bama

There are definitely going to be some BCS significant matchups to finish off the season, with the biggest matchup of all obviously being the potential #1 vs #2 matchup of the undefeateds, Michigan and Ohio State to finish off those two's schedules.  Louisville by no means has it easy, having to go to both Rutgers next weekend and Pitt a couple weeks down the road, so they could very well come out of there with a couple of chances for L's.

As for the Gators shot at being a NC contender, it will be very tough for them to get to that point. At this point they'll have to beat a pretty good South Carolina team next weekend, FSU on the road, then have to beat either Arkansas (if they don't lose twice) or Auburn in Atlanta on December 2nd.  Plus they have to wait to see if Louisville loses and if either Ohio State or Michigan will fall drastically after one of them having to lose in their showdown.  It's a long shot, but it could seemingly happen.

The Gators just need to do what they need to do, and let everything else unfold.  As the great Ron Zook used to say, worry about controlling things you can control.

By the way, the Sunday Morning Quarterback has an EXCEPTIONAL piece out on the current state of the BCS standings and an analysis of Louisville's jump to number 3. I strongly suggest checking it out.