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From the Bizarre Bin: Nyan Boateng Stabbed

Apparently it was just an odd weekend off the field for the Gators, with Marcus Thomas getting kicked off the team and WR Nyan Boateng getting stabbed by a female student during an on-campus incident yesterday:

University of Florida receiver Nyan Boateng has been suspended indefinitely after being stabbed in the leg during a fight with a female student at a campus dorm Sunday, according to university police.

Boateng has not played since the Central Florida game, having been out due to injury over the last several games this season.  He was a pretty highly prized recruit out of New York two seasons ago, but has not yet done much to be in awe of here at Florida. He only caught 4 passes for 77 yards last year in very limited action, and has seen limited action again this year due to the above mentioned injury.

Hopefully he can stay out of the news for things like these in the future. No one wants to watch a player be involved in any situation off or on the field that causes any kind of bodily harm, so getting in altercations that result in stabbings should be something to avoid in the future.