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Rutgers 28 Louisville 25

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights beat the Louisville Cardinals tonight 28-25 to remain undefeated and knock Louisville out of the #3 spot of the BCS.  What made this win very impressive was the fact that Louisville jumped out to an early 25-7 lead.  After that, though, the Scarlet Knights controlled the game with a very good running game and solid defense.

Rutgers just keeps on winning no matter what.  They've done all that has been asked of them, but I'm sure that there is still a question of how good they really are amongst the top teams in the country.  They look to be a very good team with that tough running game and great defense, and they really showed it tonight.

The 1 loss teams (with exception of Louisville, obviously) are smiling tonight.  The BCS #3 spot is back up in the air with everyone playing for maybe a shot at playing in the national championship game (with OSU and Michigan facing off).

It sure would be fun to be a Rutgers student tonight.  I can't imagine what that town will look like tomorrow morning.