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A Couple Gators Going Pro?

Yahoo Sports has a story up regarding college players who have filed paperwork with the NFL to request their current draft grades.  Making the list would be two current Gator juniors, S Reggie Nelson and DL Jarvis Moss.

The story explains more about this process:

A prospect's paperwork is sent to the NFL advisory committee, which will return a "draft round" grade to each player that requests one. The turnaround time is usually 10 to 14 days.

This obviously does not mean that Reggie or Jarvis are definitely going pro at this point, but it just shows that it's in their mind.  These guys are both special talents, so the draw of the NFL is of course a big thing in their lives at this point.

While I would love to see them both back in Gator uniforms next season, I just would like to see these young men make whatever the best decision is for themselves in all of this.  If they do leave, I can't blame them.  I'm just glad that they're going through with these measures to make their decision a smarter, more-informed one.