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Around the Blog-o-sphere, Tuesday Edition

They're not the All-Americans, they're the "All-Hairmericans, " thanks to The House Rock Built for bringing us the 2006 college football all-hair team.  There are some familiar names on this great list, including Gators Trent Pupello, Brian Crum and Reggie Nelson.  I am so proud of these guys.

David over at Orange and Blue Hue lists his top 10 Gator moments from the exciting year that was 2006.  It is a very well thought out list, so I would recommend checking that out when you have the chance.  There were plenty of great moments this year, but I think that Dave puts 'em in a pretty good order.

Dave from Addicted to Quack is feeling a little sick in response to the helmets that the Ducks will be wearing in the Las Vegas Bowl.  And there is no doubt that he should be.  Wow.  Ugh.

Apparently Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden thinks he can talk smack about his rival's coach, Mr. Spurrier at South Carolina.  The Ball coach had a nice little response to this that you can't miss.  Paul Westerdawg, Brandon at Cock N' Fire, and fellow SB Nation blogger T. Kyle King have this story covered in entirety.

All I want for Christmas, really, is to be as amazing as the Sunday Morning Quarterback.  Check out this and this and get back to me.  Tell me your wish isn't the same, seriously.