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Reggie Nelson's Mom Passes Away

Sad, sad news today...Reggie Nelson's mom, Mary Lakes, passed away last night.  Pat Dooley has the story:

Mary Lakes, the mother of Florida All-America safety Reggie Nelson, died Thursday night just hours after Nelson made it home from UF's final pre-Christmas bowl practice.

Lakes had been battling breast cancer since it was discovered in October of 2003.
"It's a tough day," said Florida coach Urban Meyer. "Our prayers go out to Reggie and his family. She was Reggie's biggest fan and she made that clear. She was a wonderful lady."

I can't speak too much on this story because my only connection to Reggie is that he attends the same college as me...however I do feel that it is in order to tell Reggie Nelson that every single Gator fan across the land is wishing you the best through these tough times.