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So Far, No Good for Pac-10

Tonight was a pretty inspired performance out of the Seminoles to ensure a winning season, scoring 44 points on their way to a big victory over the UCLA Bruins.  Drew Weatherford, who has been nothing short of terrible this season, threw for 345 yards and a touchdown.  Lorenzo Booker ran 2 in, had a total of 91 on the ground, and caught 5 passes for 117 yards.  Overall it was an impressive performance out of a Noles team playing in the Bruins' backyard and with a few lame duck offensive coaches.

Anyways, this is just another big loss for a Pac-10 team this bowl season.  Earlier this week we watched Hawaii take it to Arizona State in a 41-24 Warriors victory over the Sun Devils.  Last week we watched the BYU Cougars dismantle the Oregon Ducks 38-8.

In these cases the Pac-10 defenses have given up an average of 553 yards of offense to the opposition, while on the offensive side of the ball they have only gained an average of 362.  And, of course, they've been outscored 123-59 in the three games.

I know that bowl performances are not the best way to sum up a conference strength.  I know the SEC has been in this position in the past with a few of their teams laying eggs in post-season play.  However, if their is any kind of indication in looking at these games, the Pac-10 is not coming out looking too great right now.