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Football Notes, 12/29

...Sophomore wide receiver Nyan Boateng, who made news earlier this year after getting stabbed by a female student, has decided to transfer from the University of Florida.  He did not appear at practice yesterday, so it looks as if he has already left the program and will not be joining his teammates in Glendale.

Boateng did not show up too much this season, battling an ankle injury that only allowed him to appear in two games.  On his Gator career he only caught 4 passes for 77 yards.

While Boateng looked to be a pretty good addition to the program when he committed from the Army All-American game a couple seasons ago, depth probably ended up being the main concern for him and driving factor in his transfer...although knife-carrying female students could have gotten to him as well.

...Following some very sad news, Reggie Nelson has made it back to Gainesville and has practiced with the team the last two days:

"He's where he needs to be right now and that's around people who care about him," UF coach Urban Meyer said after Thursday's practice. "If anybody's ever gone through that, it's as bad a deal as there is.

"He's with the people who care about him the most, his family and then our team."

...There are a few Gators still trying to recover from small injuries that have altered their regular practice schedule.  News from yesterday's practice had this to add:  DL Ray McDonald is nearly fully recovered from the arm injury he suffered in Atlanta.  S Tony Joiner is close to full strength after spraining his ankle in the same game.  DeShawn Wynn didn't practice once again because of the bruise in his foot.  OL Jim Tartt didn't practice because of an ankle injury.