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Gameday : Florida at Vandy

21-3 Record 13-8
7-3 SEC 4-6
.722 FT% .702
.521 FG% .464
.397 3P% .399
35.1 RB/GM 32.0

Vandy is coming off its win against Kentucky. Gators were 2-1 on their recent homestand and remain in the top . The game will will be available in Florida via pay-per-view (PPV). The Gators need to make a stnd and solidify their position in the SEC East. They must continue to win and see if Vols falter their lead in the division. In college basketball its all about peaking at the right time.

- Orlando Sentinel : "Even with 21 wins, much of this regular season's success centers on these six games. For starters, the Gators need at least one or two more wins to avoid a complete collapse and lock up an NCAA bid."

- Tampa Tribune : "In addition to learning the Commodores' offense, defense and personnel, opponents also must listen carefully to a scouting report on the gym itself.The benches are along the baselines, leaving coaches out of shouting distance while their team plays offense in the first half. The sidelines extend for about 20 feet before the first seat, and Vandy students sit below court-level."