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Gators Beat Hurricanes in Game 1 of series

In his second outing this season, Bryan Ball pitched another brilliant game this afternoon against Miami in their yard. He is setting the pace in the starting pitching department. Lets see tommorow if Augenstein can follow with another strong performance like he did against Cincy. Here is a look at the numbers the Gators have gotten out of their starting pitchers so far on the season.

B. Ball 12.0 1 1 8 3
B. Augenstein 8.0 2 2 9 0
M. Branham 1.0 1 0 2 5
R. LaCoste 3.0 0 0 2 0
So much for the Hurricanes coach's comments about defending their home turf. The Gators showed that they can come into enemy territory and still win without the big bats. Stay tuned as the Gators look to clinch winning the series tommorow.