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Welcome to SwampBall

Welcome to the all-new blog on the Florida Gators. It's a great honor to be the first SEC site at SportsBlogs. My name is David Bloom and some of you may be familiar with some of my other work over here on the network.  I grew up in the Tampa area where I got to experience Bandit Ball as a high school student before I made my way to Gainesville for my college years. My first Gator game on campus was watching the heroics of Kerwin Bell leading the Gators to a comeback win over Rutgers.   I've been through the rough years where we were ineligible to go to a Bowl game and my final year on campus seeing the first year of Spurrier Ball.  I still have my autographed copy of Confessions of a Coach by Norm Sloan, and several years after graduation I got a chance to watch the Gators play Duke in Charlotte in the Final Four.   

Through the years I have remained a Gator diehard.  I had a short-lived blog on Gators a few years back. The good thing about SwampBall is that it is Gator season all year long. Depending on if its Hoops, Football, Baseball, or some of the lesser known sports we can talk about it here. SwampBall is set up to be a community for all the Gator fans out there. I will be the first writer here on the site, but you the readers can contribute news, information, and commentary.  A diary is a place where you can post thoughts on a certain topic and gather responses, sort of like a message board. If there's something you want to talk about, or a question you want to ask, diaries is the place to do it.

What else can you look forward to? Well, for each game I will put up the game day lineup and create and open thread where we can discuss the game while it is in progress.  I will keep you informed about what is going on with Gators and give you my take on things. It's a great time to be a Gator fan! Welcome Aboard!