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Growing Pains

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The Gators played a ranked team last night, and the result is they lost another game that came down to the wire. We can say the better team won last night . Vols are simply better this season.

As the first half stats show, that Gators were simply not shooting the ball well, but surprisingly led the game by 4 points. When a game is going to come down to one possession, this team has not found that guy to lead them to the promised land.

If you look at our schedule, our out of conference schedule turned out to be kinda weak. We won games early on to teams that usually were strong in years past, but turned out to be weak this year(i.e. Syracuse, Wake Forest). We basically have made our repuatation this year on the amount of wins and the good young talent. I am searching for the big win on our schedule. Its not there. This group has a bunch of single game heroics but has not found the consistent way to win against the better teams yet.

Billy has been great in finding a positive spin on these tough losses. We are basically where we should of been for a young team , maybee a TAD better. The hope is we continue to grow each and every game and hopefully make some noise in the conference and NCAA tourney.