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Gators Augenstein pitches third straight Gem

Sophomore starting pitcher Brian Augenstein was nothing but money today. He mystified the Ohio State batters putting up double digit strikeouts for the first time in his young career.  The Gators fears about the drop-off  in the pitching this year is beginning to look like a non-event. Its early in the year, but a think we have a player in Augenstein whose numbers look brilliant so far on the year:

 Opponent IP K BB ER H
Cincinnati 8.0 9 0 2 3
Miami 7.0 5 1 1 5
Ohio State 7.1 10 1 0 8

Edmonson pitched well again in relief for two innings to finish out the game. Adam Davis went deep for his second homer of the year, and Dickey continued his hitting ways. Dave Cash had the timely hits and drove in two runs.  Matt LaPorta was out for the second consecutive game with a strained muscle.