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Tidbit: The Missing All Americans

Sure, it looks good on paper. But, does a top 5 recruiting class every year translate to developing outstanding talent? Well, Heisman pundit has illustrated that the Seminoles have a knack recently for not being able to harness that talent depsite the high accolades on the recruiting trail.

That's 18 consensus All-Americans from 1991-2000, or approximately two per year.

Since then, the Seminoles have not had a single consensus All-American.

How about this: No Seminole made All-ACC first-team last season, despite FSU winning the conference title.

It's not that FSU isn't recruiting well. Just yesterday, it signed another top three class.

Take a good, hard look at them here.

Based on recent history, it may be the last you see of those players for a while.

Is it coaching? Is it the lack of discipline? Has the game past him by?

All I know is I do not fear the Seminoles like I used to. They still play alot of big games, but unlike the past where they played alot of cupcakes for the rest of their schedule, they play some decent teams in the improved ACC.