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Great-to-be-a-Florida-Gator 95-80 blowout

 Game Report
Attendance: 12,609
Wildcats 80
Gators 95
.762 FT% .811
.403 FG% .577
.357 3P% .333
Florida Scoring
C. Brewer 16
J. Noah 26
T. Green 29
W. Hodge 0
A. Moss 0
L. Humphrey 0
C. Richard, 10
D. Huertas 3
A. Horford, 11

The O'Connell center was packed to capacity as the big SEC matchup was broadcast on national television. We got to see the pregame on ESPN with the Florida faithfull in the background. The Gators got big performances out of Noah and Green. Don't forget about the effort of Brewer who played a huge game. From the AP:
Brewer, slowed the last four games with a sprained ankle, looked like his usual self. He ran the break, slashed to the basket, made acrobatic shots and played stingy defense. He finished with 16 points, including nine from the free throw line.
Without the return of Brewer and the presence of Humphrey this would have been an extremely difficult game to win. It was a great team effort all around.