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Gator Baseball Returns Feb 10

As the Gator baseball team gets ready to open their 2006 season against Cincinnati this Friday, it seems like just yesterday they were matched up against Texas in Omaha playing for the College World Series title.

As they enter the 2006 season, one thing is certain is that this team can still "Mash". They have a talented offensive team returning centered around slugging First Baseman Matt LaPorta who reminds alot of folks of Albert Pujols. He is on everyone's first team list as well as being up for the Wallace award. The good thing is that LaPorta will again have alot of offensive help. Adam Davis looks to be the starting SS who has alot of pop for a middle infielder. Brian Jeroloman returns behind the plate, and Brian Leclerc brings the big stick as well. Gavin Dickey playing baseball full time will be interesting to watch. The starting lineup projects to be something like this:

C Brian Jeroloman
1B Matt LaPorta
2B Brandon McArthur 
SS Adam Davis
3B Matt Gaski
LF Gavin Dickey
CF Brian LeClerc
RF Stephen Barton
SP Bryan Ball
SP Bryan Augenstein
SP Andy Gale
RP Darren O'Day

The big question is the pitching. Bryan Ball is the starter who will take the mound as the opening day pitcher, but after that it is a bunch of players trying to make their mark. Stephen Locke who started in the World Series is out for the year with an injury.