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Read: Noah hit suggested

The Kentucky program is in trouble. Their backs are against the wall. The Tubby Smith whispers have started. They have alot riding on tonight's game. But, this I did not expect to see from the usually excellent Kentucky Hoops blog:

The first time Florida's Noah goes up for a layup in the rematch in March, someone needs to knock his block off. I'm not talking about dirty plays or hurting him, just some good ole fashioned Bill Russell/Wes Unseld power "defense." No one should be allowed to chest thump and gesticulate to the crowd the whole game at your expense, and it was disheartening to see the Cats play the nice guy in that situation. I nominate Woo, who has shown the willingness to thug out in the past, and who can always preach a lack of understanding of the rules of the American game, even if it's hogwash

It is one thing to just get beaten in a tough rivalry game. But calling out a hit on a player you don't usually see in college game, do you?