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Game Thread: Gamecocks @ Gators

 7PM SC (11-10) @ FL (20-2)

2-6 SEC 6-2

After losing to the Gamecocks on the road last week with an injured Corey Brewer, its time to return the favor. Just last night, Tennessee defeated Kentucky so there is no room for falling further behind the Vols in the SEC East standings. On paper, the Gators dominate the Gamecocks in every category except Turnovers.

Of course, the SEC season is a journey not a voyage so their will be plenty of opportunity to overtake the Vols in the standings.

I see this game as a no-brainer. Billy won't have to do much to get the players ready for this game as the players already have payback on their minds. And of course, the home winning streak will be on the line. That's where the Rowdy Reptiles come in. Go Gators!