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Got Swamped : blurbs on tough loss

With the Gators coming off an emotional win over Kentucky, this game should of put the hazzard lights on. It would be easy to look past this game, except the Gators just got rocked by SC on the road the week before. This was a game that would show how much pride this young Gator team would have. They had the 20 game home winning streak on the line , and to remain in thick of it for the conference title they could not afford to lay down for this game.

The Gators never were able to shut this South Carolina team out of the game. At one point in the first half, they had a 7 point lead, but the Gamecocks responded. The Gators miracle 3 point shot by Green right before the half gave the Gators momentum going into the second half.

But, whenever it looked like the Gators would pull away the Gamecocks hit the big basket. It was the big 3 pointers that kept South Carolina in the game:

The Gamecocks made seven 3-pointers in the first half and added two huge ones on consecutive possessions after Florida built a four-point lead with 4:06 remaining. They finished 10-of-21 from behind the arc.

"This game was all about the 3-point line and our ability to guard it," Gators coach Billy Donovan said. "They made very, very timely 3-point shots. ... The great equalizer in college basketball is the 3-point line. It's the No. 1 stat I look at."

  • Dave Odom may have found a way to keep his job in South Carolina
  • Lee Humphrey returned to his ususal form notching 4 3's
  • The Gators fall another game back behind Vols in SEC East race