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On the radio...

Did I mention the feature that I really like about my new Sirius radio receiver.

You plug in Gators and whenever they are about to come on the radio for a game broadcast, it automatically alerts you to tune into that station. Its pretty sweet feature. Gets you tuned in to the pregame with Mick Hubert.  

Just the other day when I was riding around I heard the word blogging and football mentioned on the excellent Colin Cowherd's show on the ESPN channel. Besides Colin trying to blast every blogger out there as a wannabe media person, this was first time in my years of listening to sports radio that I heard a media person just about read an entire blog post on the air.  Congrats go out to the classic EDSBS who the Herd called funny and well written.

You got to love the fact of the Miami and Florida series picking up in some shape or form.

Who could forget the year 1985 Florida-Miami game with Kerwin Bell leading the way. That's what college football is all about.  I sure missed that series as we did not play them for a while until Spurrier came aboard.

Remember Ingle Martin? Draft Daddy has a mention on him. The NFL combine numbers are in.