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Game Day: Georgia (Dawg Sports) at Gators (Swamp Ball)

The Gators better break out the Rowdy Reptiles because they need a win badly. After losing consecutive games to Vols, Hogs, and Tide, the Gators are on the spot. Just like the film Dirty Dancing where Patrick Swayze says "No one puts Baby in a corner!" The Gators are fighting to dig themselves out of this hole they have created for themslves. They hope they can keep their #2 rank in the SEC East standings since they have the task of a weekend trip to Rupp arena to close out the regular season.

The Swamp Ball readers have voted and their statement is that the Gators have overachieved this season. Well, based on the past few games, its hard to feel that way. The Gators look like they will be playing on Thursday in Jacksonville and not getting the bye unless they can pull off two gutty games this week.

Some think that Billy is overrated as a coach and what has he done for us lately? All I can say is that this program has become a consistent entrant to March Madness in his time as head coach. Something that was not present in past. Sure, its been a while since we saw Mike Miller and rest of Gators playing for a NCAA championship.

This is a young team which does not have the needed depth. Plus, a few key bad breaks like the gaffe of Tauren Green against Arkansas and few others have made the Gators look nothing like one of the top teams in SEC.  I think the amount of minutes played by these Sophomores has taken a toll on the team as we come down the stretch.

The Gators need to reach down like when they were down by 10 against Vandy and found a way to win. There is still time to make a mark on this season.

For the view from the Georgia side of the court, be sure to check out Dawg Sports.

Go Gators!!