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SEC Day Two: Gators beat Hogs (barely)

Gators beat Hogs last night 74-71. It was just too close for comfort as the Gators went cold at the end of the game but hung on. The Hogs were within 3 with 12.9 seconds left. However, the Gators delivered from the free throw line to send themselves to the next round against the SEC West #1 seed LSU.

A huge game by Lee "Lance Armstrong" Humphrey who lead the Gators. The Gators were able to keep the SEC's leading scorer Brewer in line with only 18 points.

In the Gator's last two games they have shown they can win with either their inside game (against Kentucky), or their outside game. In this case, this team came through with Green and Humphrey from the arc when our big man Noah struggled from the inside.

A blast of coverage in links and photos on the game from Tipster.

John Clay is blogging the SEC Tournament from press row.

The March Madness blog is tracking the bubble teams progress. Well, their SEC preview did get the South Carolina team as the sleeper.

Today, the Gators play at 3:15 against LSU. The Gators this season were able to beat the Tigers at home.