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SEC Finals Gameday

The Gators are matched up against the Gamecocks with the the SEC Championship on the line. For the Gamecocks, a win means that Dave Odom and his South Carolina program are part of NCAA selection Sunday. For the Gators, they are playing in their third consecutive SEC title game and they would like to get the South Carolina monkey off their backs. The Gators have played remarkably well the past few games and have showed glimpses of what they are capable of. With a consecutive SEC title on their resume, they could move up in the standings with a higher seed than expected in the Big Dance. The Gators are hoping to land in Jacksonville for the first round of the NCAA Round 1 & 2

For those of you with March Madness on the mind, we have the SwampBall NCAA Open already setup for you. It being hosted on SportsLine so just sign up with with a league password of 'SwampBall' and you should be all set to go when the entrants are announced tonight. Again, the link is