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Selection Sunday

I was watching the selection Sunday program on ESPN tonight.  However, earlier I tuned into SportsCenter at 6pm to see highlights where they had a little appetizers where Jay Bilas was rattling off about what teams were playing where. So, it sorta ruined the surprise for me.  I was happy to see The Gators pulled in a #3 seed. I was proud for the SEC as a group landing 6 teams. Surprisingly, the ACC only nabbed four spots. That is what you call a down year in ACC.

Anyway, here is the bracket.

In the selection show, just about each of the ESPN guys had UConn and Duke in finals. In a surprisingly turn of events, the only analyst to pick Gators to elite eight was Dick Vitale.

I sort of like the bracket the Gators were dealt with UF playing close to home in Jacksonville. The strange turn of events was seeing the Gators matched up against John Pelphrey's South Alabama squad. As we know he is an ex-Gator assistant.

Other SEC games

LSU Earn No. 4 Seed to Play Iona in Jacksonville, FL
Alabama Earn No. 10 Seed to Play Marquette in San Diego, CA
Tennessee Earn No. 2 Seed to Play Winthrop in Greensboro, NC
Arkansas Earn No. 8 Seed to Play Bucknell in Dallas, TX
Kentucky Earn No. 8 Seed to Play UAB on Friday in Philadelphia, Pa