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Sweet 16 Baby!

All the doubters were out in force earlier today. Media people like Andy Katz of ESPN had the Gators pegged as the team that would get beaten by the Cinderella Wisconsin-Milwaukee team. Well, the Gators had the last laugh as they took care of business from the opening tipoff. Billy had these Gators ready to play. They await results to determine their next opponent. The Bench came up big with Moss and Richard. We can put the early exit label off the Gators now.

F Brewer, Corey 23PT 3RB 1ASST 1BLK

F Noah, Joakim 17PT 7RB 6ASST 4BLK

C Horford, Al 13PT 6RB 2ASST 0BLK

G Green, Taurean 7PT 2RB 6ASST 1BLK

G Humphrey, Lee 9PT 2RB 2ASST 0BLK

Bench 13PT 16RB 1BLK