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Hey Buddy, Noah is mature beyond his years

Buddy Martin has a nice piece on Joakim Noah that truly demonstrates the strong character of Noah. We do not hear the type of selfish attitude we see from the likes of NBA players where it seems is all about me rather than the team.

The 21-year-old, New York-born son of former French Open tennis champion Yannick Noah is bursting on the national scene as a fresh new face in college hoops and the star of the Sweet Sixteen-bound Florida Gators. His enthusiastic style is reminiscent of the bubbly Earvin "Magic" Johnson 27 years ago at Michigan State, and it has become infectious to his teammates. In fact, Noah and fellow sophomore pals Corey Brewer, Taurean Green and Al Horford are whispering thoughts about maybe hanging around Florida long enough to "do something special," in Joakim's words.
Its so refreshing seeing these college kids come togther. I'd like to see this Sophomore class stick together. The last Gator team to taste success peaked early in their college careers and ditched the college game for pros. Lets not pull a Mike Miller and lets come back and do this again next year.