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About Last Night: Gators win finally

I happened to be court side at the Dome last night.  No, its not what you are thinking.  I was not at the O'Connell Center last night taking in a win by my Gators. You see, after you leave Gator Town, you move on to different places but you still follow your Gators. I was at the house that Dean built. I was watching Roy's Boys put havoc on the visiting Virginia team. Talk about a blow out. It was Senior night at UNC.

From the sounds of it, Gators took care of beating a team they should have beat. We're talking about a bottom team in the SEC. Too bad the Gators made a game out of Georgia. They did not school them the way UNC took the life out of Virginia. By the end of the game, Coach Leitao was praying for mercy.

The Gators need to find a way to beat teams with authority. That time will come. As I was reading my new issue of Gator Bait, they reminded me why this is solely a transition year. We have some good ones on our radar.  In NC, there is a guy Doneal Mack who is the headliner in the recruiting class.  

There is always one way to make up for a bad four game stretch. Its called showing up to play this weekend. The Kentucky team found a way to come back on Vols last night so they will be roaring to make up for the tough times they experienced this SEC season. This game will be their season. Speaking of which, lets welcome another SEC player to the community. The new blog Sea of Blue has arrived and if you don't know of the writer from Bogans's Heroes, you won't be dissapointed.

I missed writing about my favorite sports of  baseball the other day. The Gators went down to the S**oles on the Diamond so it was a good one to ignore. Gators have Texas A&M in town for this weekend. We have our stud pitchers Ball and Augenstein taking the hill so it will be alot fun to take in for the locals.