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Sweet Sixteen Gator GameDay

9:40 PM the Florida Gators of the SEC take on the Georgetown Hoyas of the Big East

- The Hoya: ?They?re a lot like us in that they have four or five guys that score between eight and 15 or 16 points a game,? Head Coach John Thompson III said. ?On any given night, they have different people that, if you are inattentive to them, they can hurt you. A lot of attention goes to their frontcourt, as it should. But you can fall into that trap and then they have perimeter people that can hurt you.?

- Washington Times: "When Georgetown meets Florida tonight in a classic tortoise vs. hare matchup at the Metrodome, be prepared to watch a power struggle to establish pace. The Gators (29-6) want to sprint. The Hoyas would prefer to stroll. Florida wants transition chaos, a freeform frenzy in which coach Billy Donovan's superior athletes can shine. Think hoops as envisioned by Jackson Pollack -- bright, bold, flamboyant, erratic. The Hoyas (23-9) want a methodical halfcourt grinder in which to display the patient nuances of coach John Thompson III's Princeton offense. Think roundball by Rembrandt -- crisp, precise, conservative, predictable. "Florida likes to get up and down. Their main focus on offense is the transition game," Georgetown swingman Darrel Owens said yesterday. "We can go up-tempo, but if we did, we'd be playing right into their hands. It's up to us to play smart, value the ball, and slow this thing down. Make them work for their points."

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